First Things First

Quality foods

Quality foods

This is a great when trying to find new healthy ways to eat.


Try and swap one or two things this week and see how you feel.


Portion sizes and food quality. Two things we all struggle with.



Food Frequency

Food Frequency: This one is big! You wouldn’t go across the desert with only half a tank of gas would you? No, so why would you go throughout your day with a half tank? The rule of thumb is to eat something every 2-4 hours. The reason for this is to keep your metabolism active. As soon as you have to energy (food, calories) to burn, your body starts looking elsewhere. This means that it will start breaking down muscle and other short term storage. This has negative effects. So grabing a small snack here and there is a good things, but remember, quality food. Here is a link

5 Meals A Day

Workout Anywhere

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Workouts from anywhere
Workouts from anywhere


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